Secure all your personal and business email with enterprise-level encryption

Up to 4096-bit RSA or DSA encryption, delivered straight to your mailbox

Why should you encrypt?

In this day and age, digital security is more important than ever

Hackers & Governments

SSL will only go so far, and even that can have weaknesses.

With Snowden's leaks on how the UK and US governments intercept email and voice communications, and how the major email ISPs work in secret to provide access to your email, it has become more important than ever before to protect your data.

Encryption will not prevent hackers, or backdoor access to your emails, but what it does provide is an email full of seemingly random letters and numbers. This is completely useless to anyone apart from the key holder.
If you receive comercially sensitive information, or you are a political activist, your emails could prove disastrous in the wrong hands, but encrypted messaging would mean that your emails and attachments are unreadable to everyone but yourself.

Business Sensitivity

If your business dealt with sensitive, classified or controversial information, the last thing you will want is to have to clean up after a data breach.

You may have an amazing data security policy - that's great, but it should never be thought of as an 'if we have a breach', but a 'when we have a breach'

Encrypting your email data before it gets delivered to your mailbox means that in the unlucky event that your security is compromised, and your data is copied, you can rest assured that it is useless to the attackers.

Personal Privacy

For personal email, keeping your day to day emails encrypted prevents identity theft - more and more financial information is sent by email instead of post - bank statements, credit card bills, and much much more. If your email was compromised, the attacker would have financial information, history of purchases, login details to other sites, and soon they have visibility of the most intimite areas of your life.

Encrypting your email will keep everything safe. Your bank statements under digital lock and key, your social networking accounts safer, and your identity still yours.

What we do

Email Proxy

Messages for your mailboxes are checked for spam, encrypted using your key, then sent to your mail server

Google Apps Encryption

Routing through our proxies before delivering to Google Apps Email will ensure that Google can't view the messages in your mailbox.

Zero Knowledge

There are no backdoors. We dont know your password or have access to your messages!

Privacy is a right, not a privilege

Our simple products will help you keep your data safe

Have no control?

Using a free email service? Have no control over your email? We'll provide you with an email forwarding address that can be used securely

GPG - It's super secure.

For those who love big words, it uses Asymmetric encryption which can take thousands of years to crack.


Concerned or need more information? Get in touch with the form below and we'll help you out.

Mobile Encryption

Our service is designed to be supported on leading open source email clients such as Thunderbird* but also with leading security-enabled email clients on Android and iPhone devices, so even when you are away from your computer, your email is still secure, but importantly, just as accessible.

For Android devices, R2Mail2 is a firm favourite for us, or for iPhones, iPGMail is a comparable equivalent.

The emails that leave our proxies are RFC compliant and if your email client of choice supports S/MIME and GPG or PGP, you are good to go!

* Thunderbird requires the free Enigmail extension.

What if your phone or laptop is stolen, or your email server is hacked?

All your business confidential correspondence - safe.

Your personal emails - secure.

Securing your email with Enqoder means that if your equipment is stolen, or your mail server is hacked, you do not need to worry about your confidential data getting into the wrong hands.

A defence company called Statfor experienced exactly this. Their email servers were compromised in 2012-2013 and the content made public. Had they used an encryption system such as ours, this content would have been useless to anyone but the recipient.

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