This is my website, more as a dumping ground really for stuff.


Adding One-Time Passwords to SSH Set up Two-Step Authentication (One Time Passwords) for SSH using Textlocal's OTP API.

Using preload to Speed up Linux Improving application startup speeds by 20-60%

Free Code

https://bitbucket.org/kerrupt/weather-forcasting-by-sms-using-textlocal Get weather details for a specific UK postcode sent back by SMS - using a textlocal inbound service pointing to this script, you can get some amazing forecast information.

https://bitbucket.org/kerrupt/text-translation-system-using-textlocal A Text translation system using Textlocal's inbound services and outbound API and Bing.

https://bitbucket.org/kerrupt/text-to-speech-to-mms Convert text to speech and then send as an MMS to a UK mobile using the Textlocal API.

https://bitbucket.org/kerrupt/sms-one-time-password Produce and validate One-Time-Passwords in PHP and send them over SMS with Textlocal

https://bitbucket.org/kerrupt/speech-to-sms A small BASH script to convert speech to an SMS message using the Textlocal platform

https://bitbucket.org/kerrupt/text-roulette A quick and dirty example in NodeJS on how to use the Textlocal (http://www.textlocal.com) for more than just marketing messages.

https://bitbucket.org/kerrupt/cakeprocessmail CakePHP component which pulls email from a POP or IMAP mailbox, decodes attachments and provides everything in an easily digestible array